I’m a collaborative environmental professional with 25 years of experience investigating problems, advancing solutions, building awareness, and helping spark change.

I’ve used my knowledge on a range of environmental issues, policies, and regulations to produce reports, outreach materials, comments, and testimony. My work focuses on the oil and gas industry, land and wildlife conservation, and climate change. It has been used and referenced by legislators, regulators, local and state organizations, and the media.

I’m skilled at digging deep into information (such as scientific papers, legislation, pollution data, and public records) in order to find connections and piece a puzzle together. I turn findings into well-written, credible, persuasive materials and presentations. I’ve planned, managed, and executed projects that have both moving pieces and tight timelines. I’m adept at working remotely and independently and have both led and been part of collaborative teams.

It’s difficult and disheartening to witness the loss of wild places, contamination of precious air and water, and the devastation wrought by an increasingly unstable climate. Yet human and non-human communities alike are resilient and advocates are tenacious. Because of them, I’m inspired to help achieve stronger environmental protections and accountability for wrongdoing.

Thanks for your interest in my work. Please contact me to discuss possible collaboration.